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Introducing the Odyssey Premiere Series Euphonium in Bb. This beautiful instrument is a product where we were all surprised at its quality. The build quality and sound of this instrument is very good making this a perfect buy for any Euphonium player on a budget. When testing the product many of the players found this to be a very responsive instrument throughout the high and lower registers. The valve action on the Premiere Series Eupho are very quick and light to use (we would recommend using the Denis Wick Advanced Formula Valve Oil). When using this instrument on the more tricky test pieces or faster passages of music this instrument was free-blowing and easy to use due to the action of the valves. The tuning on this Euphonium is very good also which is great for an instrument of this price! Some instruments are difficult to get a decent tuning certainly at this sort of price but the Odyssey was very accurate intonation wise. Like any Euphonium the top F & G were difficult to keep in tune and you will find with a Euphonium without a tuning slide trigger (like the Besson Sovereign – 3 times the price also!) that you don’t have the extra technical advantage to get them notes in tune so you will have to ‘lip’ the notes in. That is it though! Overall this instrument is free-blowing responsive pretty (with all the gold slidesand valve caps) rich sounding and above all affordable! With the accessories it comes with i.e. the Denis Wick Classic 4AL Mouthpiece hardfoam case with backstraps and a cleaning care kit this cracking Euphonium Outfit will benefit any keen beginner or advanced player and with the price point where it is this is a must have! Specifications: Silver plated body Lacquered caps and slides 4 valves – compensating Denis Wick Mouthpiece 5880-4AL 3 water keys Bell diameter: 330.2mm/13inchFeatures: 4 valves – compensating FREE Denis Wick 4AL Mouthpiece Zero-gravity ‘Back Pack’ hard foam case – Canvas covered plush lined with shoulder straps Accessories: Cleaning cloth gloves When I was asked to road test the new Odyssey Premier Euphonium I was interested to see where in the current market place this model would fit. Aimed at the student and advancing player and with a retail cost of less than œ2000 I was keen so see if it stood up to its more expensive rivals. First impressions: upon opening the solid but lightweight case the first thing that struck me was that the Odyssey offering was a smart looking piece of kit.. The instrument felt solid and well built but was also an incredibly compact design with a lightweight feel. The valves felt to be of good quality and moved well and ergonomically the instrument was incredibly comfortable to hold. This for me is a massive plus point as musicians regularly injure themselves from prolonged periods of sitting or standing in an unnatural position with overly big and heavy instruments. The younger generation of new players need to be given the best possible chance of avoiding these issues. It had a rich full but focused sound fairly similar to that of the older B&H and Besson models whist remaining very free blowing across the whole range. Once I had adjusted the various tuning slides to my requirements I found the intonation to be good. There are always going to be some notes that are troublesome for tuning but nothing that could not be lipped easily into tune once players reach a proficient level. The upper G and F were as expected slightly sharp but not enough to be a problem so there was no immediate need for the trigger attachment that has become a standard part of many top end brands. Putting it through it’s paces: I thought it would be good to see how it handled in a band setting so I took it along to my regular Fairey Band rehearsal for a test drive. Most people didn’t notice I had swapped from my regular Besson and after rehearsal commented they didn’t spot much of a difference in sound.Value for money: This instrument is aimed at aspiring students serious amateurs and bands/schools that perhaps need to replace old instruments but are on a budget. At only a third of the cost of many professional brands you are certainly getting much more than just a third of the quality. I would be happy to see any of my students playing this well crafted and ergonomically sound instrument. Jim Fieldhouse – Principle Euphonium of the famous Fairey Band – Northwest Area Champions 2014

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